Monday, March 22, 2010

Jessa's big week!

It's now been a month since I should have done this post, but I didn't want to completely neglect posting about Jessa's big week last month.

We are happy to announce that as of last month, Jessa is officially ours legally and eternally! Hooray!

We had a great experience last month finalizing Jessa's adoption. The judge was great and obviously happy to be taking a pleasant case. :) It's a very cool experience to be able to speak under oath about how you feel about your child. It was a wonderful experience and we were super happy to have the legal technicalities completely behind us.

The following weekend we were able to take both of the kids to the temple. The kids looked like angels and it was such a sweet and spiritual experience! It really is such a miracle and gigantic blessing that the Lord has provided a way for us to have families eternally. I'm so grateful that we've been able to have both of our little ones sealed to us for eternity!

The following day - Valentine's Day - Jared was able to bless Jessa. He gave her such a tender blessing. Jessa's a lucky girl to have such a wonderful daddy and we're all so happy to have Jessa as part of our family.
We love you, sweet Jessa Rose!


Sally said...

it sure was a special weekend! we are so happy to have been able to witness it too. we are so blessed to have you in our family!

Mary said...

That just makes me cry and I can't help it. I'm so happy for your beautiful family. So so cute too.

Yolanda said...

Families are forever and your family is so beautiful. I am happy for you.

Stacey said...

That is so exciting for you and your little family. Jessa is adorable! I love her dress too it's so pretty!

Don and Amy Bennion said...

What a beautiful family. Can't wait to see you guys again soon...we'll be home in June.


Jon & Shiloh said...

That is SO wonderful you guys! What a sweet sweet family you are!

Gina F said...

Jessa is a beautiful little girl. I'm so happy for your beautiful family. Jessa is so adorable in that dress. She looks like a angel from heaven that God send to you. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

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One Cheap Gal said...

COngrats. What a swwet experience! We need to go to lunch soon so I can meet Jessa

Lexie said...

What a fabulous post about such a happy week. It makes me cry to see your beautiful family standing outside the temple and I agree, the dress is perfect for Jessa!

Millie Price said...

What a sweet experience for your family! I'm so happy for you guys!

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Kari said...

What a beautiful family you all make! Together forever!