Sunday, May 27, 2007

Grand Finale Trip!

We've been such slackers with out blog lately! Sorry about that to any of you who are looking at it and not seeing anything new!

Considering that we've now been home in the Good Ol' USA for over a month now, we'll just quickly sum up what we termed our "Grand Finale Trip" in Europe.

We took the last 5 days we had to see a little more of Germany and Switzerland. We started out by flying in to Frankfurt Friday night (April 13th). Saturday morning Jared took me to Bad Vilbel to show me where he lived when his family moved out there in high school. It was great to see the area that I've heard so many stories about and was a wonderful chance for Jared to reminisce some more.

In the town of Bad Vilbel they have a natural spring. Jared took a sip and pretended it was really good. I was so surprised when I took my turn because it was a natural MINERAL spring--YUCK!No trip to Germany is complete without a cruise on the Autoban! No speedlimits lots of the time! Can you say zoom, zoom!
That afternoon we drove to a town called Rottenberg. This is a fun little town surrounded by a big wall with tons of shops inside. We looked all afternoon for a souvenir that we'd actually use and ended up purchasing a nutcracker doll. We were very excited! It was a really enjoyable day!
That night we drove on to Munich and stayed there on Sunday. We found a ward that afternoon, but it was a german ward so I can't say that we understood a lot. But, it was nice to feel of the Spirit in their meetings. That afternoon we went to a concentration camp called Dachau. It was really sobering, but very interesting to see. We both left feeling kind of depressed so we had to sing hymns to cheer us up. :)
Monday landed us in a town called Schwangua. Just down the hill from the Neuschwanstien castle. This is the castle that Disney based their logo on. We enjoyed hiking to the castle and back and just enjoying the beautiful scenery of the area.
Later that afternoon we started toward Switzerland purposely driving on the back roads so that we could experience more of Germany. It was really beautiful and we even found a little town to stop at where we enjoyed more authentic bratwurst (which I'm still shocked that I like now) and some more Italian Gelato. YUM!
We spent Tuesday and Wednesday in Interlaken, Switzerland. The landscape was incredible! We really enjoyed the area (besides the fact that it was so incredibly expensive)! It was so beautiful and we took the days to relax a bit more.

The first day we mainly spent visiting waterfalls. They were really spectacular and there were plenty to see

The second day was partially spent biking between the small surrounding towns along the lake Thun. We had a great time and really enjoyed being out on our own exploring!

The rest of the time both of those days was spent shopping, relaxing, and eating REALLY GOOD food! Our favorite thing to eat in Switzerland was the fondue! We had the cheese fondue for two different meals and even splurged some more for some chocolate fondue for dessert the last night that we were there.
We flew back to England early Thursday morning and spent the day closing cell phone and bank accounts and getting all packed up and ready to fly home the following day (April 20th).

We had such a marvelous adventure living in the UK. We learned so much and had a wonderful time! We're now so happy to be home and have really enjoyed being back near our families and friends!

Most of you know that our next adventure in life started really soon after we got home. So stay tuned for our next post (within the next week).