Thursday, January 14, 2010

A few more cute ones...

Probably my last blog post for awhile, but I just wanted to include a few more that I love!

Jessa turned 5 months a couple weeks ago! She is getting so big (has been wearing 9 mo. clothes for awhile now), gives darling smiles, loves her big brother, and rolled over just today for the first time. Yipee! We love our little Jessa Rose!About a month or two ago Brigham started asking to wear a tie like Daddy to church. We didn't have one for him at the time, but decided we'd jump on the opportunity since he was so enthusiastic about the idea. Here's a picture of my two handsome boys all ready for church and loving their ties!And a cute picture with sister after church. . .
We get told all the time that Brigham and Jessa look so much alike. We also agree that there are a lot of similarities. Before Christmas I did a photo shoot of the kids, so that we'd have some pictures of them to use for a gift we were making for Daddy. When I picked out my two favorites and had them printed and mounted side-by-side I was again reminded how much these two little ones really look like each other.It's just another testimony to me that these sweet spirits were meant to be in our family and with each other as siblings. What a wonderful tender mercy from the Lord.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Hello, Flexi-girl!

Jessa hasn't figured out how to roll over yet, but she sure has a flexible little body and twists like crazy to try to reach whatever it is that she wants.

Hmmm. . . I wonder how that got there?!?!?!
We love the little mind of our two-year-old!

After being told that he needed his shoes and a jacket on because it was cold outside, we found him like this:
Brigham talks really well for his age (at least that's what everyone tells us). The other day he turned to me in the kitchen and here's the conversation that unfolded:

Brig: "You a princess, Mom?"
Mom: (after a short pause) "uh, yes!"
Brig: "Do a princess dance."

I happily pranced around for him while he and Jared laughed up a gut! I love this boy!

Life is GREAT with this little guy (and his sister too). He has such a fun personality and is so amazing when it comes to making people laugh.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Quarterly highlights:

Since I generally blog about quarterly (though I aspire to do better, but seldom do), I thought I'd briefly review some of the highlights of the last few months.
  • Brigham's Club House: Mom and Dad made this surprise - and super extravagant ;- clubhouse one evening while the kids were asleep. The next morning Brigham was so excited to learn of this new play area and help paint and color it to his hearts content. It's amazing how exciting something as simple as a home-made cardboard play area can be! Love the simplicity of kids!

  • Halloween! We had two little indians hanging around for Halloween this year. Brigham was thrilled to dress up and totally understood the trick-or-treating part this year. It was fun to see how much he got into the holiday and all that it had to offer & Jessa was a good sport too.
  • Jessa getting bigger and interacting so much more - She's about 3 1/2 months here and looked so cute in her Sunday dress that Mom just couldn't resist taking a picture. :)
  • Festival of Trees! I was so thrilled to be able to help a dear friend with her Festival of Trees entry and then take my family to go and see how it turned out. The entry was in honor of my friends sweet baby girl, Bridget, who passed away a couple years ago. It turned out so beautiful and was a marvelous experience for me. I felt so blessed to have been included in the preparations and set up.
  • Arizona trip and family reunions. Our family headed down to Arizona for two family reunions. It was wonderful to see Grandpa and Grandma Jane again and to visit with extended family members!We stayed with Jared's cousin and his family. Brigham loved playing with his cousin, Gunner, and still talks about him often. We enjoyed hanging out with them at home, going to the zoo, and attending a Christmas party along with them.We also enjoyed following Jared's mom and dad on a walk down memory lane. They took us to visit various sites from their youth, courtship, and early marriage. We started at the Mesa temple and visited childhood homes and also their first few homes as a married couple. It was fun to hear the stories and a great experience as a family!
  • Christmas parties galore! We loved being together with both sides of our family, our friends, and our ward members while attending all the parties that the Christmas season had to offer. Of course, Santa was one of the many highlights!
  • Christmas morning was also a big hit! It's so much more fun now that we have little ones who get excited about everything. The best part was when we asked Brigham who he thought had come in the night. His response, "Jesus!" Good job, Brigham! That's the perfect response!
  • A few more highlights have included fort building with Dad, sledding with cousins, and going to Classic Fun Center to play on the bouncy toys with Grandma & Grandpa as a Christmas present to the kids.
There's the quick summary for ya'll. We'll try to post a couple other posts of funnies, etc. soon.