Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Jessa & girly things!

Jessa's getting so big these days. She's about 2 1/2 months now and so much fun! We especially love when she smiles or coos for us - it makes having a baby even more enjoyable.
With summer pretty much over and Jessa rapidly growing out of anything labeled 0-3 months, I threw her in this outfit one more time the other day. I thought a little comparison showing how she's grown would be fun to share. Isn't she such a cutie?

One of my favorite things about having a little girl is all of the "girly" things that come along with it. We especially love headbands, bows, and flowers! I've been trying my hand in bow making (got a little carried away with the flowers so far) and have had a ton of fun. Thanks to my sister, Rachelle, for this great idea for storing hairbows - I've now made a home for all of these girly things. It coordinates with our bathroom fish theme and we love it. Hope you enjoy!
Gotta love the frills!

Another first . . .

You'd think all of these "firsts" would be of Jessa, but amazingly here's another one about Brigham.

Our little guy loves to color pictures and is really good at drawing circles. Beyond circles, I really didn't know that he could draw anything else until the other day when he was coloring by my side I looked over to see the following:

He was pointing at his picture and saying "Brigham smiling - right there." I couldn't believe my eyes. What a good little artist. He has continued to draw similar pictures since then and identifies them as pumpkins or as of today "a happy".

I love this new stage and am so proud of this smart little guy!

Another first for Brigham . . .

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I am a HUGE waterskiing addict. As a result, Brigham's new "first" has made me a very proud Mommy!

Brigham and I had the chance to go out boating on Poppy's boat on September 1st. When I asked Brigham if he wanted to go out on Poppy's boat his response was, "waterski?" (Back in mid July Brigham was introduced to the idea that he could try to water ski when our neighbor put him on their little skis on the backyard lawn and pulled him around the yard.)

Brigham has never really been afraid of the water and he was so excited that warm September afternoon when it was finally his turn to get in the water. I really wasn't sure what he'd do when we actually got in the water with the awkward skis on his feet, but I was thrilled to see what a courageous boy that he was.

I got in the water with Brig and helped to steady him and get him going.Brigham got up on his first try and stayed up (in a sitting fashion) long enough for my dad to make a big loop and bring him back to where I was. At that point they stopped the boat right where I could catch him.
Brigham only got up that one time that day, but I was so proud of my little two year old for getting up on waterskis. (Remember, he only turned two at the end of May so this was really cool for us.)

Thanks, Dad for the day out boating and for letting Brigham get in and give it a try! We love you!I'm so pleased with my little boy for being excited to try new things and for doing so well!

You're the BEST, Brig!