Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sweet Reminder!

So, yesterday morning when I headed into the bathroom I found a little surprise....

These little shoes don't normally belong on the bathroom floor and you can probably guess who left them there. I wish it wasn't true, but my normal reaction to seeing something like this out of place might be to sigh and feel slightly overwhelmed that there's yet one more thing to pick up and put back in it's place. Luckily, it was morning and I wasn't overwhelmed yet and instead was flooded by feelings of gratitude. Brigham had left me a sweet reminder of the blessing that he is in my life. I am so grateful to be blessed to have a little person roaming around my home and here to enrich my life!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Quarterly Update!

I have to compliment all of my friends who are so awesome at blogging and posting on a regular basis. You guys are amazing! As for me... I seem to be on a quarterly update for the time being. Sorry!

Since I have three months to report on I'm going to be pretty vague - so here goes...

We have had an awesome summer this year! It included multiple camping trips complete with rock climbing, Manti Pageant, boating, and hiking.

I love the looks on both of their faces in this picture when we were hiking a slot canyon in August!

Brigham started walking at the end of June and now runs throughout our home and pretty much anywhere else that I put him down. He loves being a big boy and is very independent.

Jared traveled to London again for work this summer. This led to lots of Brig and Mommy time together including our first Mommy-Son date. I have to say that we got a few funny looks while we were out to dinner just the two of us, but it was still lots of fun. Plus, we had a great time playing at the park afterwards.

Of course, boating is always on the top of my summer fun list. We had so much fun out on the water this summer. Brigham even got used to wearing his life jacket and wouldn't cry when we put it on him. Jared learned to wakeboard this year! I'm excited for him to have something new to get excited about when we are out on the boat. Good job, Honey!

We also had a great week enjoying Thanksgiving Point - thanks to Omniture's company party! It was fun to take Brigham around to see the gardens, dinosaur museum, and farm country.

Our summer has also been filled with redecorating our upstairs family room. It's been quite the adventure since neither of us are good decision makers. Luckily, we have finally been able to figure out what style really appeals to us and get it all set up.

Brigham has had many firsts this summer: walking, running, new teeth, popcicle eating, camping/sleeping outside, using a spoon, etc.

He's also gotten incredibly good at getting into things. He knows how to climb up and onto the table to my chagrin and is proficient at pulling the vent covers out and hauling them around the house. He pretty much just loves everything that's not a child's toy. :)

Well, I think that about sums it all up for the time being. We love you all!