Monday, March 15, 2010

Guys vs. Gals

The other day Jared & I sat down with Brigham for a fun coloring with markers activity. We weren't planning on sharing our artistic talent with anyone so prepare yourselves for our lack thereof. These pictures just say something about the difference between a guy and a gal.

Brig's picture: (standard 2-year-old coloring)

Allyson's picture: (happy sunshiny day)

Jared's picture: (shoot 'em up by land & air scene)Hmmm? Should I be letting my husband draw stuff like this in front of our son?

I guess you've gotta appreciate yet another difference between guys and gals. :)


Jason C said...

love it! I'm unbiased when I say this Allyson, but the tank-plane war is much more exciting! :)

Sally said...

i find it funny that jason made that comment, cuz i was going to say that it must run in the family since that is exactly something jason would draw for sam! and your picture is something i would draw myself!

Don and Amy Bennion said...

It was an amazing realization when I started drawing for my kids that my artistry skills had not improved since the 3rd grade. I'm glad to see that Jared's haven't either.


Lexie said...

What a fun post and a fun family activity. I'm actually impressed by both because I don't think I could draw either as well, but I have to admit that Luke would love Jared's, especially the helicopter and mine would look more like yours.

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