Tuesday, March 24, 2009


This morning I went outside for a couple of minutes to measure our window wells so that I could order covers for them. I left Brigham inside because it's super cold and I new that I'd only be a couple of minutes. Brigham seemed content to watch through the windows and I didn't see any harm in this idea. (Those of you who have been moms longer than I have are probably smiling right now knowing what can happen when you leave an almost two-year old alone even for just a couple of minutes.)

Anyway, I was really fast in my measuring and quickly returned to my back door. Unfortunately and to my dismay, when I turned the knob I found that I had been locked out of the house. (Didn't know Brig knew how to do that one yet.) I knew that all of the other doors were locked and wasn't sure that Brigham would know what to do when I started asking him to unlock the door. I saw three options at the time: Try to break in (this didn't sound like a good one to me); Call Daddy to come home from work with his house key; Plead and hope that Brig would be capable of unlocking the door - which he's never done before.

I decided that the third option was the best one to start with especially since Brigham was still right there at the door. Thankfully, after lots of gestures, pointing, and talking through the glass door Brigham started trying the lock again and after a few attempts the lock turned back open and I was able to open the door. Hooray!

I couldn't be mad seeing that Brig had know idea that what he had done was naughty, so I just applauded him for obeying Mommy and gave him a treat as a reward.

Phew! What an ordeal!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

In the snow he melted...

As noted in our last post, Brigham & I built a VERY HEALTHY -round & plump - snowman last month. Brigham was thrilled with it and checked it out multiple times each day. He would enthusiastically ask "no-me?" to inquire on his precious snowman.

To Brigham's dismay and mom's thrill the days have finally consistenly started to warm up and . . . well, we all know what that means for Mr. "No-Mee".

The initial building of our snowman - see how round he is!

Brigham re-inserting the snowman's buttons after some meltage - can you tell that the sun shines on the snowman's backside?


(The meltage from picture #2 to picture #3 happened in 24 hours)

I'm thrilled that the majority of the snow in our yard has now melted. Brigham still asks about "No-Me" everytime we head outside. Immediately after comes singing of the snowman song and how he melts. Brigham seems content with that for the time being. I guess we'll be building another snowman if the snow falls and sticks to the ground again this year before spring and summer actually hit.

Gotta love it!