Saturday, January 6, 2007

Visit to Windsor

Yesterday (Jan 6) Allyson and I decided to go on a driving adventure! We're still trying to get used to being on the left side and we've had only one or two near-death experiences :) (j/k...probably a lot more).

We started off from Staines and went North about 15 minutes to Windsor to see the famous Windsor castle. Unfortunately, we got there pretty late and it was starting to get dark. The castle was already closed, but we had a great time looking around the grounds and going through the little shops.

Allyson and I were both super surprised at how large the castle is! It seemed to go on forever!

We went into one of the local pastry shops and tried out a strawberry tart--hmmm, delicious! Unfortunately, we didn't get the picture where Allyson smeared pudding on my face :)

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