Thursday, January 4, 2007

We're Here!

Here we are at SL International Airport – Leaving Home Sweet Home! We know we are in for a HUGE adventure!

The flight to Chicago was no big deal, but our flight from Chicago to London was really tight and uncomfortable. We were really envious of the people in first class - their chairs actually laid down into beds, can you believe it?

Here's one of the amazing views out of our airplane over London. (If you look above the wing – over the river – you'll see the "Tower Bridge of London." We can't wait to see this in person!

A minute or so later we could also see "Big Ben."

We were shocked at how big London is and also surprised that Staines (the town where we are staying) is more like a suburb than a little quaint town. In all actuality, we feel like we're living in a busy city. We've never thought of ourselves as city types, so this should be quite the experience!

We've been pleasantly surprised out how clean (and modern) our apartment is. These are pictures of the "lounge" from two differnent angles.

This is our "state of the art" kitchen. Believe it or not, there is a dishwasher in one of the cabinets and washer/dryer in another one. Wow! They sure do use their space well here!

We'll spare you the picture of the nook area. (We have a fridge and freezer, and a table and four chairs all shoved in an 8x12 ? area - it's really tight over there!)

The BEST part of the apartment is the incredible view. This picture was taken out our window. We're right on the Thames river!

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