Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Another first . . .

You'd think all of these "firsts" would be of Jessa, but amazingly here's another one about Brigham.

Our little guy loves to color pictures and is really good at drawing circles. Beyond circles, I really didn't know that he could draw anything else until the other day when he was coloring by my side I looked over to see the following:

He was pointing at his picture and saying "Brigham smiling - right there." I couldn't believe my eyes. What a good little artist. He has continued to draw similar pictures since then and identifies them as pumpkins or as of today "a happy".

I love this new stage and am so proud of this smart little guy!


Jason C said...

that's crazy! I am so impressed.

Sally said...

wow! we tried to get sam to do the same thing... but he said he couldn't. i told him that brigham can. he said, but sammmies can't!

Jared & Allyson said...

That is so funny, Sally! Maybe he'll surprise you one of these days. ;)

Lexie said...

My goodness that is adorable. Keep up the great work Brigham!

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