Sunday, March 8, 2009

In the snow he melted...

As noted in our last post, Brigham & I built a VERY HEALTHY -round & plump - snowman last month. Brigham was thrilled with it and checked it out multiple times each day. He would enthusiastically ask "no-me?" to inquire on his precious snowman.

To Brigham's dismay and mom's thrill the days have finally consistenly started to warm up and . . . well, we all know what that means for Mr. "No-Mee".

The initial building of our snowman - see how round he is!

Brigham re-inserting the snowman's buttons after some meltage - can you tell that the sun shines on the snowman's backside?


(The meltage from picture #2 to picture #3 happened in 24 hours)

I'm thrilled that the majority of the snow in our yard has now melted. Brigham still asks about "No-Me" everytime we head outside. Immediately after comes singing of the snowman song and how he melts. Brigham seems content with that for the time being. I guess we'll be building another snowman if the snow falls and sticks to the ground again this year before spring and summer actually hit.

Gotta love it!


Ginny said...

that is one impressive no-me!!!! well done!!!

Sally Cook said...

so cute. brig is so fun!

Ali Jones said...

I hope that we don't get enough snow to make another snowman until next winter. I'm sure he'll love playing on the nice warm grass!!

Shelly said...

That is too funny. Brig is so cute too!

Dan and Louise said...

Ahh, the lessons of life... The disappointment/concern in his face in the last picture is adorable! What a sweet boy!

Lexie said...

What a fun idea to take pictures of it melting. I'm still impressed with how big no-me started out, what a great creation! No wonder Brigham was sad to see his buddy go!

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