Monday, December 22, 2008

Brig's bed adjustments

Last Tuesday Brigham surprised us with another one of his "firsts". I had put him in his bed for his morning nap and called my sister back when suddenly I realized that I was hearing something that I wasn't prepared for. Brigham was knocking on his bedroom door. Hmmm??? I went to investigate and found Brig standing at his door. This was his first - of now many - successful attempts at getting out of his crib.

After monitoring him and seeing that he could fairly safely manuveure his way out of the crib I decided it was time for documentation.

So... here he goes...

Up and over....

and safely back down the other side! Ta-Da!

Needless to say, this last six days has been full of lots of in-n-out of bed, lots of "stay in your bed", and lots of sleeplessness for both Brig and Mom/Dad.

Our little guy's much too smart for Mom and Dad. We've tried just about everything to keep Brigham in his bed - we even turned the crib around so that it'd be harder to get out of with the higher back in his way (not successful on our part).

This morning Brigham climbed out again in front of Mommy, so with approval from Dad we began transforming his room from Baby room to Toddler room.

Luckily, Brig's crib can be easily turned into a toddler bed. Brigham seemed pretty amused to watch me partially unassemble his bed, wipe everything down, make his bed with different bedding, and hang up his new (non-baby) quilt that Nanny made for him.

Here's the new "big boy" bed...
and Brigham showing off his new quilt!
Thanks mom for the quilt and blanket on his bed. Now he's got "big boy" colors in there too! :)
Brig was really excited about it all until I put him down for his morning nap later this morning. Hopefully he'll want to stay in his bed sometime in the near future.
Wish us luck!


Ginny said...

so much fun! we just did the a couple of months ago...they do settle in...eventually! :-) good luck in the mean time!!!

Amber Ro said...

What a smart boy! Love his room-so nice. good luck with the big boy bed transition!

Ali Jones said...

I love the big boy bed. Ryan was so much happier. He never climbed out of the crib, you've got an acrobat!

Lexie said...

That is too funny, I love the pictures of him climbing out. Plus, his room looks awesome. You (and your mom) are amazing! Give Brigham a big hug for us!

Merri said...

Oh what a big boy!

Millie Price said...

So funny! Emry was our only "climber". So I feel for you, but at the same time, it's funny to watch it happen to someone else!!

sally said...

What a little monkey. Good luck with keeping him in it! We put Lightning McQueen sheets on and Sam was always excited to get into bed. We had it easy. Brigham is a little more busy than Sam though. He's lucky he's so stinkin' cute!

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