Sunday, April 8, 2007

Our last England weekend!

Well, we're officially on the home-stretch now. This last week has been a great one! We took the chance to go and see Mary Poppins in theatre on Tuesday, April 3rd. We absolutely loved the show and left there on cloud nine!

One word says it all, "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!"

This last weekend was our last Saturday in England - We can't believe how fast the time has passed! Amazingly, we couldn't think of anything we'd rather do than hang around Staines and it's surrounding areas to soak in just a little more of all that we've loved out here.

We started the day out with a walk/jog down the Thames river. We've loved the tranquility of the river and it's so nice now that the weather has been getting warmer, the trees are leafing out, and the flowers are blooming!

We are always so amazed at how comfortable the birds are around people. These swans weren't even phased that Jared & I were coming up to them and hanging around for a while. (...and we didn't even have any bread or anything to feed them.)
We've also been very interested in the Locks out here, but have never seen one in use. We were thrilled (I know that sounds silly) when we got to see it used twice on Saturday while we were walking up and down the river. It must be that the weather is warming up and the boats are being taken out more now. Either that or we've always had really bad timing! j/k
After heading home and cleaning up, we headed over to the Hampton Court area (about a 10-15 minute drive). We didn't go inside this time, but enjoyed walking around the grounds, visiting a shop or two, and just relaxing again by the river Thames.
One of the most random parts of the day occured on our way home that afternoon. We were driving past Kempton Park Race Course when we saw that they had free parking. So we drove in and watched a race from the parking lot. (Of course we didn't see who won, but it was pretty cool to see how incredibly fast the horses and jockies could run a mile.)
We really enjoyed taking it easy and just enjoying the beauty that's been around us for these last few months! Our time out here really has been "lovely!"