Friday, February 16, 2007

Night at the OPERA!

We've been hoping to go to the theatre sometime while here in London, but up until now we hadn't made it to a show.

Lucky we were in London last weekend, so while we were in London for the day we decided to take the plunge and swing by a ticket office to purchase tickets to Her Majestys Theatre.
Well, Thursday night has come and gone now, and can I say boy were we excited by the time it arrived. Actually we've been excited about it all week long!

So, last night after Jared was finished with work, we got all fixed up, jumped on the train, and headed downtown with our tickets to the Opera . . . .

. . . that is The Phantom of the Opera, to be exact!

Jared hadn't seen the show before, so it was really fun to watch him get excited to see something he knew so little about. We loved the show and the cast did a great job! It made for a great Valentines gift to each other and a great night out enjoying the arts!

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